At the moment Dusron Construction Company is working on several projects with, great economic and tourist impact in the island. We are executing a huge project at Jan Thiel, one of the luxurious areas hotels and resorts are being built at great speed. The Company also has an important impact in the labour market. There are 80 direct employees and 60 indirect workers working for this enterprise, all of them local workers.

Managing Director Mr. Lutson Pieternella strongly believes in our workers and he is convinced that they can execute projects independently in aprofessional way.

Mr. Pieternella's advice to entrepreneurs who wish to be successful in their business is to give good guidance to their employees and to be with them on their projects so that they will be motivated to give the best of themselves. He sees it as essential to demonstrate this in paying them good salaries.

Dusron Construction Company is a family business. Ulrich Pieternella is the project manager and other members of the family are working in the company and/or studying to prepare themselves for the future of the company. Dusron Construction Company is optimistic that CuraƧao will be Nr. 1 country in the world of construction with strong economy and tourism industry.